Facial Injury


Because of their dental background, oral and maxillofacial surgeons are uniquely qualified to deal with any injury to the face, jaws, mouth or teeth. Cuts and lacerations anywhere on the face require meticulous attention. If stitches are needed, placement must be precise to ensure a proper cosmetic result. When facial bones are broken the experience and training of the oral and maxillofacial surgeon are invaluable.

For a fractured jaw, metal braces may be attached to the teeth and wires or strong rubber bands used to hold the jaws in place and allow the bones to heal. Patients with few or no teeth may need dentures or special dental splints to align and fix the fracture. Severe fractures can require surgery to wire together broken bones or secure them with metal plates.

At our surgery, we intend to fix the fractured bones of face with Titanium(noble metal) mini-plates through trans-oral route to avoid scar on skin and to have early recovery from injury.

The Facial Surgery Hosptial gives unique treatment for open reduction and fixation with minimal exposure and rigid fixation. thus patient ensures early recovery from food or chewing disability and speech. 80% of the cases are being managed without giving any cut on the facial skin.

We are expert in managing multiple fractures starting from skull to lower jaw in a single surgery. this panfacial injury cases are recovered completely within a month after surgery with minimum disability and defects.

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