Cysts and Tumour

Cysts and tumours are swellings of the oral cavity, gums or face. This does not reduce even after taking medicines. Cysts of oral cavity mainly occur due to dental trauma, dental caries or tooth buds. They are usually not painful till they get infected. They enlarge at the expense of bone which supports teeth. The most important TREATMENT CRITERIA for cysts are:-

  • Complete removal of the cyst or cystic lining.
  • Preservation of the involved tooth/teeth by root canal treatment.
  • Preservation of important structures like alveolar bone and nerves.
  • Primary closure of the defect to ensure rapid healing.

TUMOURS of the oral cavity arise from the cells that form bone and/or tooth.

They are locally destructive and do not spread to other parts of the body like cancers do. Treatment consists of complete removal and regular follow up as they have higher chances of recurrence.

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