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I got all my third molars removed at a single go. Thanks to intravenous sedation used during the procedure. As I could not feel any pain and got discharged in just couple of hours. I didn’t have any swelling or pain after surgery. Everything healed in just a week. I was having food on very next day.

Drashti Maniyar 28/06/2016

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Hi, I was having sub mucous fibrosis in my mouth because of masala chewing habit. I was treated by few dentists and couple of oral surgeons but they could not open my mouth. When I met dr. kaushikpethani he advised me to go for flap surgery. I was very much concern about the results and changes in my mouth. I got the surgery done before two years and today I can enjoy all food including panipuri! and the surgery did not leave any scar on my face. thank you doctor and the hospital...

Jignesh Karia 28/06/2016

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It was my first experience of surgical removal of a tooth and it was pleasant one. Word of Dr. Kaushik Pethani`s supreme talent and expertise was reassuring to me. Music playing in the background also helped ease the tension. The sterilization protocol followed during the surgery was excellent, leaving no chances for post-operative infection. All-in- all, when you choose to get treatment done here, you know that you are in best hands of the trade.

Miss Sameera Ganatra 12/07/2016

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I got a carious molar removed successfully by Dr.Kaushik Pethani, with no pain and no healing time. After having a long-term dilemma over which restoration solution to opt for – a fixed tooth (bridge) or implant, I chose `bridge` over implant after consultation. He took utmost care of smallest of my concerns, fixed the bridge skillfully with minimum invasion on supporting molars and made the new tooth functional and active in no time!


Mrs. Binal Kamdar 12/07/2016