Our Team


imlants avenue teamWe are pioneers to practise dental implant treatments professionally as a team of dental surgeons.

Dr. V. M. Kansagara is a prosthetic dentist who did his B.D.S. from Govt. dental college & hospital, Ahmedabad. He further studied at USA and acquired N.D.B. qualification. He is a very skilled senior, experienced and well-known dental surgeon of the city.

Dr. Kaushik Pethani, the oral & maxillofacial surgeon performs the surgical insertion of dental implants in a fully equipped operation theatre. A separate team of specialists then handles the fitting of teeth on implants. Thus, we provide the expert skills to our patients at both stages.

With our profound knowledge, skills and experience in bone & soft tissue augmentation, we treat all cases of dental implants with major systemic diseases. With advanced surgical treatments, we offer to treat challenging cases such as with lack of bone & tissue structure due to age or any disease.

Furthermore, we practise implantology according to the standards of American Association of Implants Dentistry (AAID) and National Health Services (NHS) U.K. to cater treatments of international standards.

We are recognized for international travel insurance which comes for emergency dental coverage.


restorative teamOur team of restorative dentists is expert in saving teeth that are broken or affected by cavities. Conservation of teeth over extraction is our utmost priority.

We are skilled to provide new teeth for missing ones to help with chewing, supporting gums & esthetics benefits.

It is now possible to save teeth affected by pyorrhea and having variable amount of mobility with minimally invasive surgery, mostly performed without opening gums surgically.

We treat severe attrition / dental wear of normal teeth by full mouth rehabilitation.

Along with treating fractured jaws, we also repair or replace teeth broken during accidents.

We have a wide range of internationally used advanced & latest restorative materials.

We also treat younger kids with painful dental problems in our fully equipped operation theatre under general anaesthesia or sedation.


oracan teamSaurashtra region is well known for oral destructive habit of chewing tobacco & betelnut. As a result, many patients face problems of restricted mouth opening, precancerous diseases of mouth and oral cancers.

We have dedicated hi-tech laser machines to treat precancerous lesions. We begin with tobacco de-addiction program, eliminate cancer causative factors and improve oral hygiene that reduce the chances of developing oral cancer to a great level.We are proud to acknowledge that many of our patients have been de-addicted with this program and thus, helped save life from oral cancer.

Oral Sub-Mucous Fibrosis (SMF), Leukoplakia (white patch/skin in mouth), Erythroplakia (red skin of mouth) and long duration ulcer that occur repeatedly are cancer precursors.We eradicate them from roots and prevent them from being converted to cancer.

Patients with doubt of oral cancer are thoroughly examined & undergo necessary confirmation test. In case oforal cancer diagnosis, our Oracan team of Oncosurgeon, Oral & maxillofacial surgeon and Plastic surgeon will take essential measures & due care to treat & heal in the best possible way.

Since, quality of life and oral rehabilitation after oral cancer surgery is utmost priority for us, adequate measures are taken care of at the time of cancer resection – Reconstructive Surgery. Perfect resection with conservation of organs and latest reconstructive surgery to give minimum cosmetic defect is our constant endeavor.