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We value patient’s natural teeth and that is why no matter what the difficulties presented to us, we strive to save them.

Presenting here a unique case of ‘Tooth Transplantation‘ in which patient’s badly destructed first molar was replaced by his wisdom tooth.

Patient had restricted mouth opening (1 finger only). His first molar was extracted in pieces but third molar was removed intact. Root canal treatment (RCT) was done in the wisdom tooth outside patient’s mouth. On its completion, it was placed in the socket of first molar, restoring his arch again. One month follow up showed no pain or mobility in the ‘transplanted tooth’ and the patient was able to chew with it normally.

  • Tooth Transplantation
  • Tooth Transplantation
  • Tooth Transplantation
  • Tooth Transplantation

This tractor driver accidentally fell off his seat and his face got crushed. He came to the facial surgery hospital in a fully conscious state. Miraculously, he had not suffered any head injury, though all his facial bones had got fractured. He was taken to the operation theatre in an emergency.

As nasal intubation was not possible because of fractured nasal bones, submental intubation was done in order to avoid tracheostomy and its associated risks and complications like blockage of tube, leading to suffocation and death; permanent damage to larynx, leading to loss of voice; and an ugly scar on the throat.

All the fractured bony fragments were fixed perfectly in their respective normal anatomical positions in a single, rigorous, 5 hour surgery, leaving no scope for any future facial deformity. Primary repair was achieved. Patient was discharged after 2 days. He recovered completely – functionally and aesthetically – after 2 months.

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A 19 year old boy came to us with the problem that his lower jaw was placed in a forward position thus resulting in abnormally positioned teeth. Due to this, he got conscious of his looks while talking and smiling.

We treated him by a procedure named bilateral sagittal split osteotomy – as a day care procedure under general anaesthesia – thus positioning his lower jaw in its normal position by taking it backwards.

With these latest modifications:

  • surgery first, braces later or never
  • didn’t require extraction of lower wisdom teeth before surgery
  • shortened overall treatment time
  • final results in one month only

Meticulous treatment planning coupled with superior surgical skills and accurate execution of surgery enhanced patient’s comfort after surgery.

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This 20 years old boy had underdeveloped lower jaw, resulting in ugly double chin appearance. Secondly, he had a wide gap in between his front teeth in closed jaw position.

He was treated by an amazing technique called “DISTRACTION OSTEOGENESIS” (bone lengthening). It was performed from inside the mouth, thus resulting in no scars on the face. He was discharged the same day. The final result was achieved within 3 months.Now he is feeling very confident about his facial appearance and relieved from long lasting mental trauma of his facial disfigurement.





Dr. Kaushik Pethani took a lecture on TM Joint Arthroscopy at Hotel Fortune, Rajkot on 18th September, 2016, which was attended by dentists from all over Saurastra and Kutch.

TM Joint Arthroscopy is the latest technique to cure clicking in JAW joints, headache, pain in ears and neck, difficulty in chewing or even restricted mouth opening due to disorders of the TMJ. This technology was imported from Germany and is to be launched in Rajkot and Ahmedabad by Dr. Pethani. Patients having long standing facial pain, neurologic pain and/or joint pain could now be cured by this technology, thus bringing smiles to numerous suffering patients.

With this newest advancement, we can say goodbye to open joint surgery and the ugly scars resulting from it. And what’s more, this procedure is included in medical insurance!!!